Although I am a stickler for details, I’m not one for exact measurements and spacing when it comes to decorating. Never have been. Never will be. I like to use my creativity on the fly so to speak.

I consider dinnerware to be works of art whether on the table or the wall. It’s art. Since I have a dinnerware line, I recently decided to use some of my dishes on an empty wall in my dining room that has been blank and bare. We have a beautiful, refinished desk with a bare wall. No better place for art.


First Step: Get an Idea of Arrangement

I measured the wall to give me a basic idea of space. I placed the plates on the floor trying to figure out dish placement. I had several ideas in mind and knew I would not use all the plates in my dinnerware line. I tried a square shape with a little chimney on top…then an odd type shape. When I moved from the floor to the dining room table, the shape changed again…


Second Step: Get Started

I placed blue tape on the wall right above the top of the desk, so I knew where I had to stop. I made sure each plate had a 3M hanger on the back (I love these 3M hangers and they work great although I would not use them on vintage, special plates.). I worked with 7 large dinner plates and decided I wanted more of a diamond shape in the end. Then I started adding salad plates.


Final Step: Touch Ups

I added butterpats to fill in a few gaps but not many as I thought. It started looking too crowded. What y’all think?

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