Lovegrass Designs

Combining her Dad’s creative genes and her Mom’s love of dinnerware, this born and bred West Texas gal knows how important Southern life is, and that it should be celebrated daily. 

Raised on a farm and ranch in Matador, Texas surrounded by cattle grazing on weeping lovegrass, and telling stories of the day during family dinners, Lovegrass Designs was bound to be born into the family.

Residing in Lubbock, Texas with her husband Steve, Kim knows that being a Southerner is a way of life, and wants to bring Southern charm to the supper table. Lovegrass dinnerware collections blends nostalgia with a modern design for visual storytelling at every meal.

Whether you want to continue family traditions or claim your own Southern identity, Lovegrass Designs will set your table. Mix and match or buy a set. Reminisce with family stories or make new memories. It’s up to you. Supper is served. Come and get it. Sit a spell.