How do you know if it’s time for new dinnerware? Do you have the stay with the same ones you bought in college or what you received at your wedding shower? Is it okay to change your mind about your current dinnerware? Sure it is. Here are some signs to look for when trying to decide.

  1. Visible Damage: If your current dinnerware is chipped, cracked, or majorly discolored, it’s time to invest in new pieces to enhance aesthetics and functionality. It’s unsanitary and unsafe to continue to use cracked or chipped dishes. You will be better off starting with new pieces.


  1. Mismatched Sets: Not to get confused with mix and match, mismatched sets consist of missing pieces, or the set has mismatched sizes, it’s time to explore new options that better meet your needs. A more complete set will provide a more polished dining experience.
  2. Style Preferences Change: If your style and tastes have evolved, and your current dinnerware doesn’t match your personality, it’s time for a refresh. Make sure your dinnerware brings you joy and shows off your aesthetic.
  3. Outdated Styles: Styles and trends change over time. If your dinnerware looks outdated and doesn’t flow with the current styles, it might be time to find something new and fresh.


  1. You Can’t Find Joy: If your current dinnerware doesn’t bring you joy every time you reach for it, get something that brings a smile to your face. Setting the table for family and friends with your dinnerware should be a joyful occasion. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.




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