Mixing and matching dinnerware can add character and charm to your table. Here are some tips for making it an easy job:

Choose a Theme or Occasion: Select a cohesive theme to help guide your choices. This could be based on a specific family celebration or overall feeling you want guests to enjoy. Recently, my super talented nephew, Jonathan, decorated for my mom’s 90th. He chose a tea party theme as the foundation.                                                            

Choose a Base Set: Jonathan went shopping at estate sales and picked up vintage teacups and saucers as his next layer to the mix and match foundation.

Mix it UP: Vintage teacups and modern appetizer plates were the perfect combo for this festive celebration. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Notice the bold tablecloth? How many of us would be brave enough to use that cloth??? DO IT!! When it’s all put together, you have a special table.

Tell a Story: Is this necessary? Maybe not but it is so important. Use pieces that are part of the history of the person you are celebrating. Jonathan used his grandmom’s silverware and his great grandmom’s sugar and creamer. It sure made for a special day!!

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